We are crazy about our beans! And want you to experience the taste our BREW-TIFUL coffee. 


Zeruru Coffee Company was inspired by the need to create a sustainable project that would empower and support small scale female coffee farmers creating financial freedom and better opportunities for their families and the communities as a whole.   


We believe that the best coffee does more than provide an incredible experience of drinking it; it improves lives and lifts economies. We are quality oriented and dedicated to providing the finest ethically sourced coffee beans, smallbatch roasted to perfection to ensure the best coffee drinking experience and enjoyed at peak freshness. Zimbabwean coffee comes from one of the top coffee bean regions. Its production took a hit due to economic and political instability. However, the recent years have seen a revitalised coffee culture boom and a resurgence in interest for the once sought after coffee bean.     


Our coffee is grown in the Eastern Highlands that boasts of everything that a good coffee-growing region should have- high altitude, fertile soil, excellent levels of rainfall to produce AA coffee bean. Our farmers rigorously produce the best coffee with dedication and passion.


Due to the coffee farming and production growth in Zimbabwe, many of our smallholding farmers and women co-operatives can now enjoy an improved livelihood and financial freedom.     


Every purchase of Zeruru Coffee makes an impact in the lives of our coffee farmers, and we are cool beans about that. Together we make the perfect blend!   

Our Story  

I started Zezuru to create a sustainable project back home in Zimbabwe. During my research phase, I came across an article about the scarcity of Zimbabwean coffee.


That’s when I decided to find out more about the coffee industry. I began to journey into the coffee growing regions to scout for coffee farmers. came to know about the amazing women cooperatives that were just starting out on their own and in need of dedicated buyers for their coffee beans.


They needed to grow their coffee trees with the peace of mind of finding buyers or selling at a lower price due to lack of demand since they are in remote areas.           


That’s when I decided to start Zezuru Coffee Company- A femaleowned, run and dedicated organisation aimed at empowering females in the coffee industry!     


Our heart will always be to produce a FA –BREW-LOUS coffee product grown by exceptional women.     

Our Values


We believe in empowering women to become financially stable by being independent providers for their families. With our support, we ensure that they get a fighting chance in a male-dominated industry. All our amazing coffee bean growers reinvest their incomes back into their communities and families, creating a sustainable aid cycle.


We take pride in the fact that we are QUALITY driven. We want the world to share in our passion for great quality coffee, hand-picked to perfection and small-batch roasted to maintain better control over the roasting process.


We heart our environment just as much as heart our coffee! And that’s why we use carbon neutral certified printers for our printing, recycled cardboard paper tubes and bio-degradable pouches for our packaging, to minimise our carbon footprint. Our old coffee grounds are repurposed for mulch and body scrub!


We offer 100% Arabica small-batch roasted ground coffee and whole bean (to order). Our ZIMazing product comes in 250 grams with options of medium or dark roast.    


Medium Roast- roasted on 5/10, making it extra smooth, medium bodied with zesty acidity and red berry notes.   


Dark Roast- roasted on 7/10, perfect for kickstarting your day with an extra jolt or midday pick me upper. It is smooth and full-bodied with winey notes and hints of fruity black currant.     


Our beans are grown on predominantly small scale farms. Zimbabwean coffee is known for its acidity with complimentary fruity notes. The complex flavours reflect the diverse farms on which it is grown. 


Burma Valley, Mount Selinda 


July to September   




Wine, berries, dark chocolate 

Rich in flavour, medium body  


Washed and sun-dried 

Wet processing ensures that the fruitiness of the bean remains to provide a unique and rich flavour.   



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